From start to finish


There are lots of reasons to meet and many causes to gather, nationally as well as internationally. We are happy to assist whether it concerns small or big events. We can take care of "the whole package" or just assist with some of the tasks.


Several of our organizers have been a host before, but wish our assistance to some specific tasks.

All tasks our equally welcome and we adapt our assistance to the client's needs.


Read more about all the different tasks, we can assist with, by clicking on the pictures.

004_raadgivning_og_sparring Advice and sparring

005_tilbud_budget _og_reservationer

Offer, budget and reservations


Online registration and payment

007_registrering_af_abstracts Registration of abstracts


008_udstilling_og_sponsoreringExhibition and sponsorship



011_sociale_arrangementerSocial activities




014_teknik og tolkningA/V solutions and translation

015_studieture_og_guiderStudy trips and guides


We won't interfere with the scientific part of your event!

We will, however, create the best frames for it!